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Face Time with Daniela represents a modern, fresh and glamorous 

approach to bridal makeupled by certified bridal makeup artist, Daniela Polla

Based in Etobicoke, we offer makeup artist services for brides, weddings and special events.  
Services are offered at our home studio, or at the client's location.

We also provide one on one makeup lessons (personal makeup classes) to all ages and skill levels.

Contact us today to book an appointment, or for more information:

Call or text: 416-452-7059


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7 Tips to Maximize Time Spent With Your Wedding Day Glam Squad

Streamlining your schedule for the morning of your wedding can be tricky. There are so many moving 

parts- vendors, family members, deliveries- it can get 

a little hectic. Doing what you can ahead of time will 

not only help you feel in control, but those little things 

you can take care of beforehand really add up! 

Setting yourself up for success in this way will mean 

you can..


What to Look for When Searching for Bridal Makeup Inspiration

Makeup inspiration for your wedding day is necessary, but can also be a little tricky. The internet is a bottomless pit for makeup and hair images, and 99% of the images you find are photoshopped, filtered or edited in some way. Lighting also has a huge impact on how the 

makeup photographs, and how flawless the skin looks. For example, many YouTube beauty gurus/bloggers will have a ring light or...


35 or Older? Tips to Help Navigate the World of Makeup

In the Instagram world we live in today, there is digital beauty, tutorials, tips, blogs, vlogs and everything in between telling you about the latest product launch 

and why you need it. And while I love the world of beauty, it can be a very overwhelming place. To be honest for a minute, a lot of these new trends or techniques really will work out pretty well for...